Fighting The Christmas Crazy

Lauren Fonvielle, Writer & Light Worker

The Christmas-Crazy as I like to call it, has been in full effect…

Every year I tell myself, I’m not going to let the holidays make me crazy. I have good intentions to start shopping early, but somehow or another November always disappears, and suddenly it’s a week before Christmas and I am scrambling. This year is more of the same.

Adding even more fuel to the fire, last night as I drove Ava and her girlfriend to dance class, the car started making horrific noises whenever I hit the breaks.  Panic mode quickly ensued. Lucky for me, I have an uncle who is a mechanic. I called him from the side of the road asking what to do.  He talked me off the ledge, said I should be fine to get to dance and back, but be sure to get the car checked out in the morning.

A small fortune later, I’m having front and back brakes and rotors replaced.The timing isn’t great. But, car issues never come at a great time. A few deep breaths and a credit card swipe later, I’m happy to say I handled it all better than expected.  And I’m especially grateful that we held on to Jeremy’s car, instead of selling it. It’s coming in quite handy. This car snafu on top of everything else that’s going on would usually have been enough for me to go into a tailspin. Not today!

I headed off to yoga, because my body was longing for that hot studio. This cold weather seems to make me crave yoga that much more. It was slow flow yoga class today. I loved it. I was feeling so good.  And then we got into pigeon pose.  The next thing I know, tears are streaming down my face.  They came out of nowhere. 

Ive been told our hips are like our emotional junk drawers. Today I really understood that description. Something triggered me in that moment. I surrendered into it. As we switched legs, the tears continued to hit the mat. The craziness of the day, and even the past few weeks seemed to lessen with each tear.

I wiped my eyes, completed the final few stretches, and found myself laying in the most peaceful savasana.  I didn’t want it to end. In those blissful moments where I’m truly able to let go, and just be present, interesting things happen. As I laid there, I had a vision of my Nanny laying on the floor next to me, holding my hand.  She was smiling, telling me I was doing one hell of a job juggling everything. Writing that now makes me tear up. But in that moment I was just so happy.

As I opened my eyes I realized I was smiling.  I wasn’t expecting that. It was like a dream, but it wasn’t. It was wonderful. Every class is always so different. I walked back to my car, knowing today was going to be a good day.

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