Change Is Needed

Lauren Fonvielle, Writer & Light Worker

I’m not one who typically discusses my political views openly…

I suppose that’s because I don’t like conflict.  I’d prefer to walk away, and just talk to those who I know share my same beliefs.  But, you know what.  Enough is a enough. Keeping quiet doesn’t help anything or anyone. My power is in my voice, so today I share my truth with anyone who is willing to read this.

We all need to speak up and take action. No nonsense gun laws need to be put in place.  Buying a gun should not be easy. There need to be background checks. Those who are mentally ill, shouldn’t be able to buy guns. And it certainly shouldn’t be as easy as going into  a gun show and walking out with one, no questions asked. This week, there is a vote on legalizing gun silencers. HOW is that even under consideration? It makes no sense. Zero. How many more people have to die before some sort of action is taken?

It hurts my heart to know that this is the world my children are growing up in. A world where when I go to the movie theatre, I spot the closest exit; when I stroll through the mall I think about where I would run, when I enter the airport there’s extra level of anxiety as I board the plane.  It’s just not right.  It shouldn’t be like this. It doesn’t have to be like this.

My heart is broken for all the children who lost parents, parents who lost children, husbands who lost wives, wives who lost husbands, friends who lost friends.  It’s utterly devastating.  My prayers are with them. But praying alone is not enough.

It’s time to act. Contact congress here:
Find your representative here:…/

Tell them what you think. Tell them action needs to be taken.

If you haven’t seen Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional monologue. It’s worth watching: