Week 1 Is In The Books!

Lauren Fonvielle, Writer & Light Worker

This journey is going to be a balancing act, and we’ll undoubtedly be learning a lot along the way.

I’m happy to report we made it through week one with only a few bumps in the road.  Change is hard. But, the kids are adjusting really well to the new routine.  It’s me that seems a bit more challenged by it all.  This fall we have a chock full schedule of activities. Between baseball, jiu-jitsu and dance we are running around four nights a week after school.  Being double booked with practices was slightly stressful, but with the help of friends we made it all work and everyone got where they needed to be. It truly takes a village!  And let me just give a quick thank you to everyone who as reached out offering to help.  THANK YOU.  I’m usually not good at asking for help or even accepting it, but as I promised a friend, I am “doing deployment differently”. For me, that means stepping out of my comfort zone and taking the help when it’s offered, and asking for it when I need it.

I realize now more than ever, how important it is to take care of me – scheduling in those yoga classes, and making time to meditate daily is an absolute must. I’ve even gotten the kids in on the fun too.  We sit around my meditation station every morning and listen to one of the short (2 minute) kid meditations.  Brody, who was very hesitant to start this, now regularly asks if we can do another one, and another. And while they are short snip-its, I can’t help but smile knowing that the ability to quiet their minds, if only for a moment, will serve them well in the future.

In two weeks, I start yoga teacher training. I’m super excited about it.  And I figured never would there be a time that I need to do something just for me, more than I need to do that this year.  I’m blessed my parents have agreed to come visit once a month to help take care of the kids when I have my weekend class. The kids will love being spoiled by Gigi and PopPop, and I will treasure my me-time!

As for an update on Jeremy, he is in San Diego this week for training. I can’t help but be a little jealous.  Oh how I miss that beautiful city. Sometimes I wonder why we ever left! But, it’s the decisions we’ve made a long the way that have taught us so much about ourselves individually, as a couple, and as a family. For that I will always be eternally grateful.

Here’s to a successful first and a few more stones in the jar.


The kids are moving stones from one jar to another for every day Daddy is gone. When the first jar is empty and the other is full he’ll be back!


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