The Only Way Out Is Through

Lauren Fonvielle, Writer & Light Worker

This next year will be an adventure.  It may not be one we expected, requested, or ever wanted, but it’s happening. Here we go…

Ten days and counting before our world gets turned upside down. On one hand I can’t seem to wrap my head around how quickly we have gotten here.  And on the other hand, the fact that the last 6 months went by so fast gives me hope that the next 13 will fly just as quickly.

But wishing the year away doesn’t seem right either. Every time I look at the kids I’m in awe of how big they are getting.  It still feels like yesterday that I was walking around with them in my belly. But, on Tuesday I’ll be putting a second grader and a kindergartener on the bus. That just seems CRAZY!

This has been an emotional week.  However, today I woke up feeling strong, powerful, and ready to take on whatever is coming next. Maybe it’s the extra caffeine I drank, or the fact that it’s Friday. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.

For our last full weekend together, we asked the kids if there was anything special they wanted to do with Daddy.  Their answer: CHUCK E CHEESE!  In hindsight perhaps we should have given them options to choose from. HA!  But, it’s too late for that now.  This weekend we’ll be hitting up the restaurant of the dancing rat.

This next week will be busy with the start of school, last minute deployment prepping, and squeezing in as much family time as possible. I’m taking a few days off to make the most of our time, and then it’s off to the airport on Sunday.  Luckily we are getting to ease into this transition. First Jeremy will be going through some training classes. His schedule will allow him to come home for a few short days later in the month, before he’s off to yet another 4 weeks of training. We’ll likely get to meet up once in October before he flies to Bahrain for the year.

All love, light, and prayers are graciously accepted and appreciated.

I just keep playing what  Brody said a few months ago over and over in my head. “It’s okay Mommy, we’ll be like a triangle. And you know, the triangle is the strongest shape.”  He’s right. We are all strong, and this will make us stronger.