I can remember my mother telling me those words as I sat at the dining room table trying to do my math homework.

Focused I was not.  I wanted to do anything but sit there and try to understand those numbers that seemed to be screaming at me from the page.  And because of my lack of focus, it took a hell of a lot longer to actually get the job done.

The same principal applies when writing content for your site.

Who is your ideal client? What are they interested in? Why do they need your services?

Focus on your client’s needs.  Don’t overwhelm them with a million different options all at once. Create a specific goal for every piece of content you create: blogs, social media, squeeze pages, web pages – all of it!

What do you want your client to do when they finish reading that content? Attend a webinar, download an ebook, complete a form etc.

Test out different calls-to-action. See what resonates.

Not sure what your prospects want? Ask them!  There is no better way to stay focused on what is most important, than going straight to the source.

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