Last week started on such a high, and ended on such a low.  By the end of day Friday I felt like I was in the movie Twister.  You know, the one where they find themselves fighting for their lives in the eye of the storm.  Okay, okay, perhaps that’s a little dramatic.  But it was a shitty day.

For starters I caught a cold that my kids have. I’ve been able to avoid it for weeks. I give all credit to taking daily shots of ACV.  But, eventually it caught up with me.  So there’s that.  Then I headed to the doc (for an unrelated issue), only to have her tell me that she recommends I go on a sugar free diet.  WHAT?! Are you serious?  Oh, and yeah I should also cut out any fruits with high natural sugars – you know, like my FAVORITE: bananas. Grrrreat!  I might as well turn into a rabbit and just eat carrots all day.  But, let’s look at the bright side – if I can actually manage to do this, I have no doubt I’ll lose that 10 pounds I keep saying I want to lose.

Then I came home, and checked my email to find out that one of my freelance gigs is coming to an end this week, as in that day (nothing like a heads up).  Now here’s the thing, part of me was overwhelmed with an excitement as I read the email. Let me explain.  This freelancing job, is one that I found on a content mill site.  It paid much less than I know that I’m worth, and to say I was bored to tears with it would be a complete understatement.  But, when you’re just starting out, money is money. Or is it?

Have I been comprising what I really want? Have I been putting out the wrong message to the universe?  A message saying that I’ll accept mediocrity in exchange for a paycheck. I think maybe I have. And it’s time to change all that.

After all, my word for 2017 is FOCUS. I’m ready to focus my energy on the things I really want, the thing things that will bring me the most joy.

And that gig certainly wasn’t it.

I’ve wanted out for awhile now. In fact, when I had my coaching call with Ali last week, and we talked about goals, quitting that gig was at the top of my list.  

So the decision has been made for me.  Let’s call it a blessing in disguise.  Or maybe not even in disguise. Let’s call it what it is – a straight up BLESSING!  I’ve decided that I will use this extra time wisely: either working on my business and creating content for my site, or as professional development time to listen to webinars, read books etc.  I say that’s a win- win.

Now if I can just get over this cold, and come up with some sort of plan to tackle this new diet, I’ll be all set.  New Year, New Me.  Repeat.

The older I get the more I realize success and happiness are all about your perspective.  Doing work I love, controlling my schedule, being home with my kids, and still getting all the bills paid – to me, that’s success. Now, that’s not to say I don’t have big goals of creating passive income, dreams of owning a beach house, and the luxury of traveling whenever I feel the urge – because I sure as hell do!  But right now, life is pretty damn good, and I’ve got a plan to make it even better.  

Who’s with me?