Happy 2017! It’s the year of bringing blogging back!

I spent a lot of 2016 working in my business – acquiring new clients, researching and writing on new topics, and trying my damndest to make my clients happy! And I truly enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder or felt such pride during my professional career.

But, in the midst of the daily grind, I didn’t spend nearly the amount of time working ON my business as I would have liked.  I have lots of ideas, updates I want to make to my website, incorporating new processes, and truly just getting organized so that I’m set up to kick some major marketing – solopreneur ass this year!  Part of that organization is committing to working not only in my business but on it. So that, my friends, is why I’ll be bringing blogging back!

If I can ghostwrite weekly blogs for my clients, I surely can make the time to write one for myself! It has officially been set on my calendar – done and done!

And in other exciting news, to step things up a notch this year, I will be working with a business coach. I think it’s going to really help, having someone who has been there, and done that (growing a successful biz), to provide guidance, cheer me on, and give me a swift kick when I need it! Our first session is next week, and I can’t wait to get started!

I’ll be sure to share any lessons learned and helpful tips along the way!  I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of them.

2017, I’m coming for yah! Watch out!