“I’m a pout pout fish with a pout pout face, and I spread the dreary wearies all over the place.” – Deborah Diesen

This is a line from Ava’s favorite book.  We read it everyday, giggle, make silly faces, and giggle some more. It’s one of my favorite things to do with her.

Lately, we usually end up talking about how the weather has been giving both of us the dreary wearies. It has been almost 2 weeks of rain and grey cloudy skies. Entertaining the kids can be challenging but we’ve managed to have quite a bit of fun: building forts, playing dominoes, hide and go seek, play-doh, I spy, reading books, coloring… I’ve had to pull out all the stops!

Sometimes, when I’m writing and I get the dreary wearies, I have to pull out all the stops too. And I’m not talking about how I deal writer’s block, although that is definitely dreary in its own right. But, you can read about how I snap out of that, here.  Today, I’m talking about the overwhelmed, overworked, pull your hair out kind of dreary wearies.  You know what I’m talking about, those days that you feel pulled in a million directions, haven’t gotten anything accomplished that you planned to, and all you really want to do is crawl back into bed.  

Any entrepreneur can relate to working long hours. You know what they say: entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week for themselves, so they don’t have to work 40 for someone else.  Drive, hard work, determination, and shit load of caffeine will take you a long way, but it can only take you so far.  Because at some point your body starts saying “me no likey” and you are forced to slow down. Whether that means getting run down with a cold b/c you aren’t sleeping enough, or you’re sick with stress that makes you anxious and unproductive, or just a constant feeling of blehhhhh. Your body always lets you know when you are out of balance. And when this happens, my dear, you’ve got a case of the dreary wearies.

When I start to spin with stress, worry, and overwhelm I know it’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath and re-evaluate.  The earlier you recognize the dreary wearies setting in, the easier it is to deal with them and recalibrate.  Deep breathing is always where I start.  From there, maybe I’ll meditate or take a walk around the block.  And if it has gotten real bad, I’ll do something extra nice for myself, like schedule a massage, or treat myself to a pedicure. You gotsta’ treat yo self right!!

It’s all about self-love and self-care, baby.  As entrepreneurs we need to remember why we started our business in the first place.  That reason will ground you and set you back on track.  For me, the reason is twofold, to share my love of writing, my gift, with other solopreneurs and small business owners to help them tell their story in a meaningful and impactful way AND to have the flexibility to work the way I want to work, when I want to work, on my terms.  And it’s the times that I lose track of my purpose that I get caught up in the craziness, and forget to soak in all the beauty that is around me.  

So when you’re overwhelmed, stressed out, and have lost sight of your WHY, take a breath, step back, and reevaluate.  And when you do, I promise only good things will come. Just like they did for the pout, pout fish when he realized….

“I’m not a pout pout fish, afterall! I’m a kiss-kiss fish, with a kiss kiss face, and I spread the cheery cheeries all over the place!!
We all deserve to have the cheery-cheeries!  And if you are overwhelmed with copywriting, reach out, and I can help!

Make today a good one. Happy Friday!