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With 205 billion emails sent per day, your sales emails better make your customers or prospects stop in their tracks and read what you have to say.

Focus on your Subject Line & From Field
The subject line and from field steal the spotlight. This limited amount of text may be your one and only chance to sell yourself, so be sure to give it the attention it deserves. A well thought out and designed subject line can make or break your email campaign. The same goes for the “From” field. It should include a prominent or recognizable name from the company. Do not use generic names like “info,” “sales,” or “company name.” It’s a whole lot less personal and a sure fire way to get overlooked.

Test out different types of subject lines. Over time you will learn which type or style has the strongest power of persuasion for your clients. Perhaps it’s a combination of the following tactics:

Attract Attention
How does your product or service solve a problem? How can it make your customer’s life easier? Better? Simpler? Answering these questions, or sharing the latest news or update about your product is another great way to attract attention. And we can’t forget about freebies. Incorporating the words FREE or EXCLUSIVE offer also tend to result in increased email open rates.

Speak to a Specific Audience
Get Specific. Is this a product for Mom’s of toddlers? Business women? Farmers? Call them out in the headline. Make it crystal clear that this information is for them. If the copy is relevant to the specific audience, the reader is much more likely to open the email.

Straight and to the Point
According to Mailchimp only 21.01% of readers open professional services emails. That means 79% of people are likely to keep scrolling. But, if you can potentially sell them with that one line of copy, all is not lost. What is it that you are offering your customer? Lay it all on the line – short, sweet and right to the point.

Leave the reader wanting more information.
Entice your reader. Intrigue them. Spark that sense of curiosity. Leave them wanting more. Make them open the email to get the answers.
Keep in mind you have mere seconds to make an impression. No matter which route you decide to go the wording must be clear, concise, and easily understood. Fancy, funny, and cute subject lines may result in a smile, but they won’t necessarily result in a open email. Take the time up front to focus on your subject lines and with practice your open rates will improve.